We are experts in installing all types of wood floors 


Pre-installation Steps


Preparation for installation work should begin 2-3 days before work is scheduled to commence. In order for our flooring team to deliver the best service to you, we kindly ask that you observe the following guidelines:


Preparation for installation work
If you choose to prepare the sub-floor yourself, please:

• Remove all tack strips and staples
• Remove and dispose of old carpeting/flooring - we cannot dispose of it 
• Remove all other debris 
• Remove all furniture and items hanging on walls Appliances 
• Removal of dishwasher is at the owner's discretion 
• Removal of stove and refrigerator is required Electronic equipment 
• Please remove all computer hardware and software, stereo equipment, speakers and electronic      equipment from the work area 
• Please remove all compact discs (CDs), records (LPs), videotapes and video discs (DVDs) from

   the work area.    

We always strive to perform efficiently and safely. When our flooring team is working on your premises we kindly ask for your assistance with the following.

For your family's safety, please:

• Keep children away from work area
• Keep pets away from work area Cutting of wood
• We will cut wood outdoors whenever possible Trim/ baseboard - removal and re-installation
• We remove and replace trim to the best of our ability. However, due to the aging and wear and        tear of trim, we are not responsible for cracked or broken trim.